About Artanis Belgian Chocolatier

Our brand promise is to provide the highest quality Belgian chocolate at the best possible value. Why? We believe every person deserves to experience the delight that is Belgian chocolate, but not everyone can fly halfway across the world to do it. We’re thrilled to bring the charm and luxury of Belgian chocolate to sunny Southwest Florida, allowing residents and tourists alike to have an authentic Belgian chocolate experience without ever stepping foot on a plane.

Our name is derived from the powerful Artanis the Elven Queen. We picked this name for several reasons. First, we were inspired by the fact that our chocolate is made from the very same type of chocolate that the royals in Belgium choose to eat. Therefore, saying that our chocolate is “fit for a queen” is indeed a fact. Second, there is something undeniably magical about our authentic Belgian chocolate. Its charm and allure set it apart from other chocolate. That considered, it seemed fitting to name it after a mythical queen.

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Artistry of Chocolate

Artanis chocolate is handcrafted in Belgium using only the finest and freshest ingredients, creating pieces so smooth and luxurious you’ll fall in love with chocolate all over again.

The name Artanis was inspired by the elven queen – because our chocolate is fit for royalty. We invite you to not only indulge yourself, but to find the perfect gift for your special someone.



“Artanis chocolates are amazingly decadent, pure, and delightful. I love the dark, but I have had the milk and white and they were exquisite too! I couldn’t be happier. Beautifully wrapped and always makes a beautiful gift. If you haven’t tried Artanis, you really should.”

Amber S.

“Awesome coffee and amazing people! These are REAL Belgium chocolates shipped fresh from Belgium. I recommend trying as many flavors as you can.”

Sam T.

“Wow! Creamy, pure, lightly sweet, rich, melting in your mouth itself! I loved it. Feel and taste so good and smell amazingly awesome. Thank you for making such a good chocolate and making my life sweeter and happier than ever!”

Heidi J.


We provide a unique chocolate experience through welcoming spaces, charming customer service, and a variety of chocolates delivered straight from Belgium.


23191 Fashion Dr, Ste 121
Estero, FL 33928


Mon – Sat:           10am – 9pm
Sunday:               12pm – 6pm



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