Chocolate is alluring to our senses. It’s more than just the delicious taste and wonderful smell. It’s because most of us associate chocolate with feelings of love. How can something so simple be so powerful? Here are six reasons we believe chocolate equals love.

Chocolate evokes positive emotions.

It’s no secret that different foods have certain physical benefits. For example, eating kale will provide your body with nutrients. But sometimes we forget about the emotional benefits of foods. For example, chocolate has the power to make us feel love, a positive emotion. That feeling is caused by chemical effects in the brain – specifically the chemical Phenylethylamine. It’s commonly referred to as “the love drug” because it sparks those lovely feelings. We’re not the first to claim that chocolate equals love. There is scientific research showing people associate eating something sweet with feelings of romance.

Chocolate is linked to happy memories.

There’s something in psychology called linking. If you attribute a quality or a thing to a feeling or emotion long enough, it can spark the emotional response. Have you ever heard of Pavlov’s Dogs? It’s a psychological experiment where a bell was the trigger that was associated with food. This caused the dogs to grow to respond to the bell with a conditioned behavior. Without realizing it, we have actually trained our brains to respond to chocolate with feelings of happiness. This is a result of a lifetime of enjoying chocolate on special occasions, like birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. Considering this, it’s no surprise that we attribute chocolate with love.

Chocolate is a centuries old gift tradition.

Traditions are what we hold on to and that nostalgia makes us feel good. Chocolate is a traditional gift that we have come to know and love. It goes way back to ancient times in the Aztec and Mayan world of Mesoamerica. It was a delectable treat that only the rich could enjoy. Because it was a considered a gift from the gods, it was a highly prized delicacy. Once Europeans began to explore the world and discovered chocolate, they figured out how to make it. It then became popular in the royal courts of Spain and France in the 1600s. Today, it isn’t a treat just for the elite. With ties to ancient gods and new world royals, chocolate has stood the test of time as a wonderful gift of love.

Chocolate is beautiful.

As humans, we’re drawn to what is beautiful. Not to mention, we love things of artistic value. Chocolates make a great gift of love, as we’ve learned. However, to raise the bar, chocolates can also be displayed in beautiful gift packaging. There are many gift boxes, tins, baskets, and other creative ways to deliver the gift of chocolate. Great presentation gives chocolate an “awe” factor. Even the chocolates themselves can come in many designs that demand attention. How do you make any gift better? Just add chocolate. 

5. Chocolate makes other foods taste better.
We’ve established that chocolate equals love. That being said, it makes sense to spread that love to other things people enjoy. Many popular snacks and desserts taste better when chocolate is added. Those who love sweet and salty combinations would enjoy creative snacks like chocolate drizzled potato chips or milk chocolate-covered cashews. Those who crave fruit can have strawberries, bananas, and more dipped in chocolate. From cakes to pastries and desserts to snacks, chocolate makes everything taste better.

Belgian chocolate is fit for royalty.

There are many different kinds of chocolates that cater to all flavor preferences. However, Belgian chocolate takes the prize for being some of the best in the world. It is fit for royalty, allowing anyone to feel like a queen (or a king). What exactly makes Belgian chocolates famously loved? The first records of making Belgian chocolate trace back to the 17th century. Mastering the craft of making chocolate led to the Belgians inventing the praline. This is a chocolate shell with a soft center. Just when you thought chocolate could not get any better, Belgian chocolate is proof that chocolate equals love.

These are just some of the reasons we think chocolate equals love. If you want to make that special someone feel the love through the gift of chocolate, browse our signature chocolates today.