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4 Elements that Make Belgian Chocolate Irresistible

Belgium has been notorious for its decadent chocolates since the late 1800s. They have perfected the art of chocolate, and the rest of the world has taken notice. You might be wondering, what makes these delicious drops so unique? Why do people travel the world just to try a piece of authentic Belgian gold? There are many different reasons, but we think heritage is a big one. A little bit of pride is swirled into every piece of Belgian chocolate. It has earned its spot at the top through rich history, attention to detail, and unique inspiration from Belgian culture. 1. Rich history makes for rich chocolate. One of the tried-and-true ways to achieve perfection is through practice. That is exactly what Belgians have done. For hundreds of years, Belgian

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4 Amazing Health Benefits of Chocolate

Would you believe that chocolate is good for you? While chocolate tends to get the reputation that it causes health issues, current research seems to prove the opposite. In fact, the antioxidants found in chocolate make it healthy when consumed in moderation. The antioxidants fight off free radicals (a molecule that damages healthy body cells) in your body. Keep reading for four more amazing health benefits of chocolate. Chocolate benefits people with diabetes. Contrary to popular belief, moderate amounts of chocolate can actually help people who have diabetes. If you have type two diabetes, dark chocolate can now be your favorite sweet treat. Anna Simos, the Diabetes Education and Prevention Program Manager at Stanford Health Care states, “The antioxidants in chocolate help the body use its insulin more efficiently to help

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6 Reasons Chocolate Equals Love

Chocolate is alluring to our senses. It’s more than just the delicious taste and wonderful smell. It’s because most of us associate chocolate with feelings of love. How can something so simple be so powerful? Here are six reasons we believe chocolate equals love. Chocolate evokes positive emotions. It’s no secret that different foods have certain physical benefits. For example, eating kale will provide your body with nutrients. But sometimes we forget about the emotional benefits of foods. For example, chocolate has the power to make us feel love, a positive emotion. That feeling is caused by chemical effects in the brain – specifically the chemical Phenylethylamine. It’s commonly referred to as “the love drug” because it sparks those lovely feelings. We’re not the first to claim that chocolate equals

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